Wednesday, December 30, 2009


My new favorite blog, Slamburglers... got to love there handbook! Who thinks of these things?! LMAO!

Slamburglars Handbook

1. Shock travel is for bitches.
2. Dumped so low the P@nti#$ practically fall off.
3. If your car is drivable, you're not low enough.
4. We use pinch welds for parking brakes.
5. Slamburglars don't get stuck on speed bumps, speed bumps get stuck on Slamburglars.
6. Tuckin wheels and copin feels
7. Dumpin whips and stealin chicks.
8. Tire stretching and p@$$* popping.
9. Guilty of Slamburglary.
10. Because its not cool to be high.
11. g-codes and g-.......
12a. There is no such thing as too low.
12b. There is no such thing as low enough.
13. Whats "out of spec"?
14. We like our girls how we like our cars, HAMMERED.
15. It's not so bad being down & out.
16. slamburglars, aka THE FRAME BANG GANG.
17. The lower you go, the better it feels.
18. Doin things, Cuttin springs.
19. Doin work, Scrapin dirt.
20. Slamburglars have their passengers sit in the back left and rub in the front right.
21. Oil pans are scheduled maintenance.
22. F@ck bitches, get coils.
23. Wheel gap is for ///M owners.
24. Dump or Die.
25. It's nice to MEAT you.
26. Innocent until proven GUILTY.
27. Beware of the liftburglars.
28. Invite only.
29. The home of bad taste and poor geometry.
30. Our nightmares consist of potholes and speed bumps.
32. Like your SAT low you cant go anywhere.
33. Scraping more pans than the food network.
34. We slam our cars almost as hard as we slam muff.
35. If sparks dont fly, your rides too high.
36. thuggish ruggish tire scrubin.
37. never doubt The Professor.
38. gun bucking and car hucking
39. turning heads for all the wrong reasons.
40. We like our girls how we like our tires, SMOKIN.
41. Low Ballin and Street Crawlin.
42. We like our cars how we like our girlfriends, DUMPED.
43. If it's not slammed, what's the point?
44. perches are for birds, collars are for dogs.
45. No switches, Mo B!tches
46. If you have to ask, GTFO.
47. Keeping it durty, down to the floor.
48. aka the lane marker fucker uppers
49. aka the rim tuck fuck club
50. aka the pan slam clan

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Get Them while they're hot....maybe not.

I’m not sure if any of you have checked out this site Stuart Hughes, they specialized in creating exclusive projects “letting the Technology embrace luxury” in other words making Techy stuff BLING! When I first in counter the site, I was like “What the hell, really?” I do have to admit some of their stuff, I though seemed pretty cool, such as the Gold Wii, their Platinum iPhone 3GS, but as I tapered down to the cost of these items it seems pretty ridicules!! To the stand point, that people are actually purchasing these things….

They currently have a Sony PS3 Supreme (as they call it); it’s officially the most expensive Playstation 3 system in the worlds and possibly the universe. From their descriptions they state that this golden beauty took about 12 weeks to developed/build its has a total of 1,600 grams of SOLID 22ct gold, the disc loading section of the system is covered with 58 individual 0.50 ct diamonds totaling to 26 ct all together. For a Final retail price of 199,995.00 pounds or 318,872.28 US dollars!! I know what I’m adding to my Christmas list…LMAO!!

FYI the Wii system is alot more hit the source link to view some more "Blinged-out" items.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ronald's Love Child

I would like to apologize in advance to those who have a phobia of clowns.

WTF!? Ronald's Love CHILD! well not really. I was recently on a tech site (Engadget) and saw this picture.

I have to admit I was kind thrown off by the article which had nothing to do with baby clowns or Ronald McDonald's Love child. It was regarding the partnership between AT&T and "Mikey Dees" to push free WIFI at all McDonalds locations across the US. Which was the least of my interest, hey don't get me wrong I thought it was cool but how can you not take your eyes of this image. I am scarred for life now!! and now... Im sure you probably are too. Actually, I was able to gather the true origins of this picture. this was used as print add for the McDonald's in Japan.